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McKesson, Scottsdale, AZ

“I think that a great advantage of this training for myself was identifying and applying where our quality team fits in with our company goals. Got down to the nitty gritty. Training workshop really related to our business and will improve our call center agents and customer service.”

McKesson, Scottsdale, AZ2015-02-03T20:50:10-04:00

Michelin Tires, Greenville, SC

“Instructor was a breath of fresh air and had such depth of knowledge of call centers and our business. She allowed our organization to move to a whole new level of customer service.”

Michelin Tires, Greenville, SC2015-02-03T20:49:51-04:00

Provident Credit Union

“The facilitator was exceptional in every aspect. Highly recommended. Exceptional business knowledge and interpersonal skills and brought our group to a whole new level of understanding of call center servicing.”

Provident Credit Union2018-06-22T11:54:17-04:00

Scottrade St. Louis, MO

“I had no idea all the elements involved in developing a fair and objective quality evaluation form. Our workshop leader knew it all and related it our business in a meaningful way. Awesome job!” “Our instructor was wonderful and really understood our Scottrade corporate goals and business. Her classroom management skills are strong and she [...]

Scottrade St. Louis, MO2015-02-03T20:47:47-04:00

Merrill Lynch Wealth Management Client Services

“Excellent quality design workshop!  The facilitator learned our business and tailored the training to fit our needs.  Skills of facilitator demonstrated superior call center operations knowledge and experience.” “Intelligibly presented and extremely well-structured.”

Merrill Lynch Wealth Management Client Services2015-02-03T20:07:15-04:00

Lack of Skill or Lack of Will? Adapt Your Call Coaching Method Accordingly!

One of the greatest challenges in call centers is keeping the frontline staff trained on the ever-changing dynamic of the call center environment and motivated to deliver the highest level of service on every call. What ultimately makes the greatest impact on agent development and customer service? It is effective coaching. A good quality monitoring [...]

Lack of Skill or Lack of Will? Adapt Your Call Coaching Method Accordingly!2018-06-22T11:54:17-04:00

Taking the Guesswork Out of Quality Monitoring

Are you finding that your current quality monitoring program is having a positive impact on your agents, customers and call center? If you are like many call centers, quality scores are high but customer satisfaction is not. Quality scores range in the 90th percentile, yet when management randomly listens to calls, it is not uncommon [...]

Taking the Guesswork Out of Quality Monitoring2018-06-22T11:54:18-04:00

Cox Communications

“The material was very relevant and can be used every day to make better decisions for the business. Deelee presented the information well and made it easy to understand. She's really good at what she does.”

Cox Communications2015-02-03T20:51:47-04:00

Maggie Klenke joins Call Center University

We are pleased to announce that industry pioneer Maggie Klenke has joined the teaching and consulting staff of Call Center Training Associates and will be teaching programs for Call Center University.

Maggie Klenke joins Call Center University2014-12-11T21:14:26-04:00