What Our Customers Say

What Our Customers Say2018-06-22T11:54:13-05:00

The Company We Keep

Here are just some of the clients we have served over the years, representing call centers of various sizes in a wide range of industries.  While we shared with them our call center experience and knowledge, we were able to learn so much from them, too!  At the end of each training class or workshop, participants complete an evaluation form.  Here are some of the comments from our customers.

McKesson, Scottsdale, AZ

“I think that a great advantage of this training for myself was identifying and applying where our quality team fits in with our company goals. Got down to the nitty gritty. Training workshop really related [...]

American Honda, Torrance, CA

“What I liked best about the seminar is the instructor.  She was so knowledgeable, clearly had worked in call centers herself.  She was full of energy and made learning fun!  She really helped me as [...]

Michelin Tires, Greenville, SC

“Instructor was a breath of fresh air and had such depth of knowledge of call centers and our business. She allowed our organization to move to a whole new level of customer service.”

American Home Shield

“Great training!  Instructor knows her call centers and needs to continue to help companies like ours.  This workshop will really impact us in a large way, it was so relevant to our business. An off-the-shelf [...]