Workshop Overview

The Quality Evaluation Form and Program Design Workshop is uniquely constructed to work with a team represented by members of the key support groups in the call center: call center supervisors, quality specialists, teams leads, new hire trainers, call center managers and even a few frontline agents. Through the guided facilitation of our Associates, the team works together to collectively build the quality program from the ground up by following a proven process and quality management methodology applied to the unique circumstances of your business and call center.

Overview of the Quality Workshop Modules

I. Quality Monitoring Evaluation Development

  • Apply a proven process for developing quality performance standards
  • Create a balanced approach to your company business drivers, call center key performance indicators (KPIs) and quality
  • Identify objective, behavior-based quality standards

II. Apply a Successful Scoring Scheme

  • Follow a road map for section weighting to emphasize mission critical skills
  • Pros and cons of two common scoring schemes: pass/fail and Likert scale
  • How to apply alternative scoring options: non-applicable behaviors, bonus points and auto-fail

 III. Create Quality Standard Definitions

  • Include essential components that make a definitions specific, measurable and relevant.
  • Incorporate definitions into a comprehensive quality standards document.

IV.  Create a Comprehensive Quality Management Program

  • Determine the logistics of quality: who, what, where and how many?
  • Best practices in implementing a new quality program
  • Complete a project plan of roll-out task activities