Workshop Overview

Quality Calibration is a comparison between quality evaluation measures. In a call center it is an ongoing process where quality specialists and call center supervisors complete evaluations on a single call, measure the variance and reconcile the differences. In the end, it is a center’s degree of calibration that IMPROVES consistency in quality, both in the application of standards to call behaviors and in the frontline performance which impacts your customers.

Quality Calibration Workshop Highlights:

  • Review quality monitoring tools and identify opportunities to improve consistency and scoring standardization
  • Learn how to measure calibration using standard deviation (SD) and track progress over time
  • Establish a calibration program following the our six-point decision framework
  • Identify how to get the most out of your calibration sessions
  • Apply techniques to calibration practice sessions

In the Quality Calibration Workshop, we work with your quality evaluation forms and sample recorded calls and run practice calibration sessions with your quality specialists, supervisors and others involved in your call evaluation and coaching process.