DISC Assessment Training

DISC Assessment Training 2016-02-25T17:48:05+00:00

Don’t Miss Out on our TTI Talent Insights DISC Assessments and Training! http://www.ttivaa.com/system/resources/W1siZiIsIjIwMTUvMDgvMjAvMTZfMDhfNTJfNDU2X3R0aXNpX2xvZ29fcHJpbWFyeV9zdGFja2VkLnBuZyJdXQ/ttisi_logo_primary_stacked.png

We tailor the TTI Insights Suite uniquely to your call center hiring and development needs.

Areas of focus include:

  • DISC and behavior assessments for agent and supervisor developmenthttp://www.ttivaa.com/system/resources/W1siZiIsIjIwMTUvMDgvMjAvMTZfMDhfNTJfNDM2X2RzcF93aGVlbF92ZWN0b3JfZ290aGFtLmpwZWciXV0/dsp_wheel_vector_gotham.jpeg
  • Job Benchmarking and Job Matching to support your call center with both hiring and development
  • Consulting services for restructuring or merger and acquisition changes
  • Staff development programs
  • Leadership and executive training

Contact us for a complimentary consult and overview of how we help you select superior performers and promote talent excellence across your call center.  404-630-2156http://www.ttivaa.com/system/resources/W1siZiIsIjIwMTUvMDgvMjAvMTZfMDhfNTJfNTAxX1RUSVNJX1NlYWxfdjJfNzQ1OS5qcGciXV0/TTISI_Seal_v2_7459.jpg