Workshop Overview

Call Center Training Associates is committed to providing meaningful training workshops and experiences to forward the development of quality specialists, team leaders and supervisors who perform call observations, feedback and coaching to the frontline call takers.

The objective of the Quality Coaching Workshop is to enhance the  delivery skills when providing feedback to agents, based on their call monitoring results.  Additionally, participants learn the fundamentals of performance management using your company’s recorded calls and quality monitoring evaluation tools.

 The Coaching Workshop is divided into three modules, as follows:

 I. Principles of IMPACT Call Coaching:

In this module, participants learn techniques to plan and deliver effective call coaching:


Identify target behaviors

Metrics review

Prepare questions for self-analysis

Assess for SKILL versus WILL

Connect to call center and company goals

Target takeaways

II.  Techniques of Three Call Coaching Approaches

  • The Power of Positive Reinforcement. Prepare a delivery plan to positively reinforce effective call behaviors to build and with the goal in mind that reinforced behaviors will be repeated ones.
  • Shaping Performance Through Feedback . Identify essential behaviors needed to fine-tune performance, along with preparing a follow-up action plan to track performance and provide reinforcement for improvement.
  • Changing Course Through Consequences. Create a coaching plan to support learning a whole skill and change in behavior.  Learn how to apply consequences and follow-up action plans that holds low performing agents accountable.

 III. Application of Coaching Principles to YOUR COMPANY’s Recorded Calls

  • Listen to recorded calls and complete quality evaluation
  • Calibrate results and identify opportunities for improving evaluation consistency
  • Create a coaching plan using IMPACT Model learned in class
  • Role-play coaching session, class de-brief