Workshop Overview

CC DudeThis customized training utilizes Call Center University’s Agent Development base modules as the foundation.  From there we apply your recorded calls and sample call scenarios to create a real-life call center experience in which agents can practice learned technique and call strategies.

I. Presenting Your Best Self

  • First Impressions: Making the Most of the First 30 Seconds with Preparation and Precision
  • Improving Vocal Delivery:  Speaking to Convince, Influence and Persuade
  • Professional Phone Etiquette: Call Handling Techniques to Improve Your  Image

II. Customer Engagement

  • Questioning Techniques: Discovering Customer Needs and Uncovering Root Causes
  • Empathy Encounter:  Building Rapport and Making that Personal Connection with Customers
  • Positive Word Choices:  Emphasizing the “Can Do” to Knock Down Walls of Resistance
  • Managing Difficult Callers: How to Win Over the Most Challenging Customers

III.  Call Center Operations: Understanding the Responsibilities of a Being on the Frontline

Content modifications can be applied to custom-fit training into time segments right for you.  We understand the importance of  supporting agent schedules and want to help you manage training without compromising service levels and other important needs of the call center.