Our Call Center Training Associates are a team of professionals who have been there/done that, having worked on the frontline, managed call centers and been active in call center quality monitoring, workforce management, sales, human resources and training.  Our team mission is to share our experience and knowledge  to help others become more successful in their call centers and improve the overall effectiveness of service to customers. Our training sessions are dynamic, interactive, thought-provoking and overall fun!  We have years (and years!) of experience and love what we do.  And our customers tend to agree, based on the rave reviews.

Meet Our Associates

Deelee Freeman

An experienced call center professional, trainer and founder of Call Center Training Associates……

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MaggieMaggie Klenke

The best of the best when it comes to workforce management and understanding call center operations……

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Katia Goodhart

An international business consultant with over twenty years of experience in contact centers……

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