What Our Customers Say

What Our Customers Say2018-06-22T11:54:13-04:00

The Company We Keep

Here are just some of the clients we have served over the years, representing call centers of various sizes in a wide range of industries.  While we shared with them our call center experience and knowledge, we were able to learn so much from them, too!  At the end of each training class or workshop, participants complete an evaluation form.  Here are some of the comments from our customers.

Coca-Cola North America, Atlanta, GA

“Our instructor was excellent!   Her knowledge of call centers, quality monitoring and people management was very valuable.  She added great insight that will help us influence and get buy-in from the agents on our team.”

Aldo Group, Montreal, Canada

“Fun activities that related perfectly to our business.  Instructor had a wealth of call center knowledge and clearly had done her research to learn about our call center environment. No doubt this training will improve [...]

Provident Credit Union

“The facilitator was exceptional in every aspect. Highly recommended. Exceptional business knowledge and interpersonal skills and brought our group to a whole new level of understanding of call center servicing.”

EPB (Electric Power Board), Chattanooga, TN

“Powerful:  our instructor lead us through some challenging exercises and did so with enthusiasm and confidence.  Our training was worth every dime, customized to fit our fiber products and focus on the unique traits of [...]

Scottrade St. Louis, MO

“I had no idea all the elements involved in developing a fair and objective quality evaluation form. Our workshop leader knew it all and related it our business in a meaningful way. Awesome job!” “Our [...]

Merrill Lynch Wealth Management Client Services

“Excellent quality design workshop!  The facilitator learned our business and tailored the training to fit our needs.  Skills of facilitator demonstrated superior call center operations knowledge and experience.” “Intelligibly presented and extremely well-structured.”