The Contact Center Review evaluates and improves the health of your call center.  The consultants combine more than 40 years of telecommunications and contact center consulting experience with a unique diagnostic approach to identify symptoms and prescribe treatment for call center ailments.  This process identifies areas of excellence and opportunities to improve customer service, net revenue, employee retention and overall ease of operation.

The Contact Center Review is an operational “house call” that includes an analysis of your contact center technologies, contact handling procedures, operational policies and personnel utilization.  We interview your agents and management team, monitor your calls and other transactions, and examine your performance reports to make recommendations that focus on strong health for your center.  We identify areas that are working well as well as opportunities for improvement.

What does the Contact Center Review include?

Our comprehensive approach provides you with:

An overview of the current state of the contact center
A comparison between current operations and the vision identified to meet management objectives
A review of reasonable options for remedying the problems
Recommendations on how to maintain areas of excellence and improve areas of opportunity
How does it work?

The review begins with a conference call in which our consultants review your center’s overall strategy for customer contact management and identify specific concerns to be addressed in the analysis.  Each project is customized to match the unique requirements of your operation, needs and goals.

We keep you involved in every step.  You are provided with a list of specific documents and information to be supplied to our consultants so that we can perform the initial analysis.  This documentation typically includes the following:

  • Organization chart
  • Speed of answer/response goals
  • Vendor, model and version of:
    • ACD or PBX
    • Quality assurance system
    • Analytics and/or reporting system
    • Voice response system (IVR)
    • Email/web handling systems
    • Desktop systems
  • Outsourcers used
  • Two weeks of representative ACD data
  • Call-handling procedures and transaction flows
  • Disaster recovery plans
  • Current staffing levels
  • Current workforce schedules
  • FAQs/types of calls
  • Training plan
  • Cost-per-call information
  • Value-per-call information
  • Sales and marketing campaigns
  • Priority list of outstanding problems
  • Anticipated changes in the near future (technology, personnel, marketing, etc.) [/one_half_last]
  • What will you receive?

     Upon receipt of the relevant available data, a specific date is scheduled for the site visit by the consultants. The site visit includes 2 to 4 days of on-site observations and interviews by the consultants. At the end of the site visit, we will meet with the appropriate members of the center management team to report on preliminary findings and clarify any conflicting information. Within two weeks of the site visit, the consultants will provide a report summarizing the results of the review including short-, mid-, and long-term recommendations.